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  • The visual appearance of this scrumptious sugar free chocolate almond butter toffee is just a small indication of the delectable deliciousness that your tastebuds will experience once you bite into it. The blend of chocolate, almond, butter and salt come together in an almost magical way to create a treat so luscious you may forget it’s sugar free.

  • By taking one of the most decadent types of nuts and coating it with sugar free chocolate we’ve created luscious sugar free chocolate cashews that can be enjoyed by those on a weight loss diet or on a sugar restricted dietary plan. The sweet buttery flavor of the cashews make this candy taste like a forbidden treat, even though it’s a permissible indulgence.

  • There’s nothing subtle about the flavor of these sugar free chocolate covered almonds. The chocolate coating is luscious and thick and ideally complements the smooth, buttery flavor that people have come to expect when they bite into a crisp, crunchy almond. Enjoy these treats as a solitary snack item or mix them into a snack mix as a flavor enhancer.

  • Sugar free chocolate chips have a soothing, mild flavor. They add a subtle cocoa flavor to trail mix and snack mix. These tantalizing tidbits can enhance many recipes ranging from breakfast cereal to a dessert topping. Whether you’re on a weight loss diet or sugar-restricted health conscious diet, these tiny chips can be a tasty part of your diet.

  • The exquisite appearance of these sugar free chocolate covered peanuts is enough to alert your taste buds that they are about to experience something scrumptious. After multiple layers of sugar-free chocolate has been poured over tasty, crunchy peanuts, a final glaze is added that gives the peanuts a unique, visually attractive shine.

  • The natural sweetness of raisins paired with our delectable, sugar free milk chocolate yields a scrumptious treat for anyone on a medically necessary sugar-free diet, a weight loss diet or a weight conscious snack plan. Our sugar free chocolate covered raisins are a gratifying treat for kids and adults. They’re a great gift idea and a fantastic party table snack selection.

  • These sugar free gummy bears enable you to enjoy the variety of flavors and brilliant colors that make gummy bears such a popular, fun treat, even if you’re on a sugar free diet. Eat them meticulously and selectively one exciting flavor at a time or pop a handful of these tasty chewy delights in your mouth and wake up your taste buds.

  • Sugar free gummy butterflies may be one of the best ways to brighten up the day. Just their stunning assortment of colors can lift someone’s spirit. Their chewy texture and burst of flavor can shake up your taste buds. Kids and adults can enjoy the immense pleasure these flavorful little butterflies provide.

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